Chinese Starjasmine Stem

Source Star Jasmine Stem is the dried vine stem with leaves of Trachelospennum jasminoides (Lindl.) Lem., (Fam. Apocynaceae.)

Producing Areas Jiangsu, Hubei and Shandong, etc.

Properties Bitter, Slightly Cold

Channels Heart, Liver, Kidney


  • Dispels wind-dampness, clears the channels and collaterals
    Especially effective for painful cramps and spasms with heat.
  • Relieves sore and swollen throat
  • Cools blood and reduces swelling
  • For toxic sores as well as red, hot and painful abscesses
  • Treats traumatic injuries with swelling and pains, including snake bites

Usage and Dosage
6-12 g is used in decoction for oral use.
Use the appropriate amount for external application.

Use with caution in the person susceptible to cold due to yang-deficiency, and loose stool.

Description of Quality Herb
The good one has an even reddish brown stem with manv areen leaves.

Keep in a ventilated and dry place.

Professional Tips

Identifying Luoshiteng and Haifengteng (Caulis Piperis Kadsurae)

Similarities: Both can expel wind, dampness and dredge the channels.

Differences: Luoshiteng tends to treat Bi syndrome of heat-dampness type, cool the blood and relieve swelling. Haifengteng tends to treat Bi syndrome of wind-dampness type without heat.