Antipyretic medicine diet

This section presents 41 medicinal recipes using antipyretic herbs such as honeysuckle flower, prunella spike, green beans, purslane and houttuynia. As these are primarily cold-natured herbs, those with cold-deficiency of the spleen and stomach or with bloating and fullness of the stomach or gut, or who are suffering from diarrhoea, should avoid consuming these dishes.

Antipyretic medicine diet
Honeysuckle and Prunella Tea
Double Flower Drink
Honeysuckle Drink
Double Flower Tofu Soup
Wild Chrysanthemum and Liquorice Tea
Forsythia and Sterculia Soup
Honeysuckle and Lotus Seed Soup
Blackberrylily and Woad Tea
Green Bean and Coix Soup
Green Bean and Oat Congee
Green Bean and Kelp Soup
Cooling Hedyotis Drink
Garlic and Purslane Congee
Anchovy Soup with Purslane
Houttuynia and Plantago Egg Soup
Houttuynia Drink
Houttuynia and Dates Tea
Dandelion and Maize Drink
Greenbrier and Lotus Root Pork Soup
Rehmannia and Greenbrier Drink
Prunella Chicken Soup
Snakegourd and Lilyturf Congee
Prunella and Glehnia Pork Soup
Woad Root Congee
Cape Jasmine Congee
Honeyed Skullcap and Lily Drink
Snakegourd and Chrysanthemum Tea
Reed, Bamboo and Water Chestnut Drink
Reed Congee
Seven Star Tea for Children
Gypsum and Black Plum Drink
Lophatherum Congee
Chinese Lobelia Tea
Cassia Tea with Wolfberry and Chrysanthemum
Cassia and Hawthorn Tea
Rehmannia and Lily Bulb Pork Soup
Rehmannia and Lotus Root Pork Soup
Rehmannia Black Chicken
Arnebia and Coix Congee
Figwort and Lilyturf Drink
Peony and Mulberry Drink